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After the world's water is contaminated and polluted, Deepwater Sponger must travel to the deepest depths of the ocean to find the final remaining source of pure water. He leaves behind loved ones clinging to survival and a world now counting on this sole diver to accomplish what no man has done before. The fate of the world is at stake.

About The Project

This film was born out of pure ambition. We sought to create something that would utilize every technology we have access to at UNCSA; from mocap systems, to live camera mapping, we discovered many clever solutions along a long yet rewarding process.


mark_jabourian_-_vfx_demo_reel (1080p) (01138).png

The Challenges

Deepwater Lifting Rig
Using green screen for the whole film

Rather than using markers, we created our own way to record camera motion. Our incredible Unreal Engine team, Asa Gordon and Dante Armstrong developed a blueprint for camera motion capture using the HTC Vive tracking system. 

Creating a lifting rig

We needed to somehow lift Sponger for the wide shots. Doing as much in-camera was important here, so using an engine lift, we created a bicycle seat-based saddle that would lift Sponger through each of these shots.

Testing the rig (Bob Keen, Grayson Absher, Lucas Saunders, and Myself)
Lucas Saunders constructing lift-rig seat
Digital double

Some shots required dynamics that wouldn’t be possible with our lifting rig. This made me think it might be worthwhile trying to make a digital double of Sponger.

Deepwater O2 tank

For modeling, I used Fusion 360 alongside some calipers and the actual suit to recreate a dimensionally accurate double.
In some shots, the backpack is completely cg!

For texturing, I used Rizom UV and Substance painter.

Sponger closeup
Deepwater Double Bust

First fluid simulation test

Physics and fluid simulations

Although this was my first time doing simulations professionally, early on in the development I was experimenting with TyFlow and PhoenixFD. I quickly realized how attainable the scope of the film was.

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